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what's up i'm tem and i like drawing idiots // please don't be afraid to ask me about my ocs or smth !!

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2ds -

reblog this if you're an active blog on here

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these good dragon boys? im a big fan

Evangelis Wicker

pretty happy with my new oc's design !!!

finally tracked down the site used for these because im old and no longer In The Loop but,,, it's me, ya boi

Caim Ardgall

me last night: i dunno, might fuck around and make a new story but i dont really need any more

me today: hey im invested and im designing rat bastards

anyways uhh meet caim, if you wanna know more about him or some other characters i've developed, check out my (link to caim's page) !

Reichard Dynatius

Mr. CEO man and one of the main characters for my main story :0

i can hear my cat snoring through my headphones but like it's kinda cute so i muted for a bit

Garden of Contempt

Here's a finished commission piece I did for @/DenniPasta on Twitter! It was fun to work on ^^

bystander asked:

hi so i see u followed me!! thank u and also welcome 2 waterfall!! youre right in that the community is small but were all generally friendly! also i read ur abt and time of death sounds rlly cool...!! who're the ppl in ur art post abt it :eyes:?? (also if youve responded n i dont reply soon then ive probably gone off to school!!)

omg thank you !! the community seems really cozy from what i've seen, i'm excited to be a part of it c':

uwaaaa i'm flattered you're interested in it,, thank you ! ;o; the characters in the post are owen williams (blonde) and drake dynatius (ginger) ,, the latter is the son of a dystopian megacorporation ceo and the former is an ex-rebel who rescues him from an uprising of sorts in this scene...!

|| also good luck with school !! hope it goes well :)

hhey so i'm kinda curious what this does and also i want to meet new people !! feel free to comment or however this works-

edit: ok this isn't what i thought it would be but my earlier statement is the same!

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Art Posts - How they work, and what's the point

thellere -

With the site getting popular on Twitter thanks to them being artist unfriendly now, I thought it might be useful to explain what exactly art posts are on Waterfall, and how the protection system works.

It's worth me noting that a lot of what I'm about to talk about is rewrite specific - for the beta (i.e. the current Waterfall version), it's pretty naive and still in testing.

So, art posts are a special post type that, at their core, are image posts with a different label. There's a few differences on the backend though - first, you can slap a copyright notice on them to let everyone know who you are. When you submit the post, some stuff happens in the background.

First, the server takes hashes of the raw and resized images (i.e. the full size version, the version resized for desktops, and the version resized for mobiles). The image then goes live. After that, it gets passed to a special server we have in the background, which will start doing all manner of things to it - flipping it, doing a ton of resizing, flipping the resizes, and - if we get the budget - maybe even a little machine learning to look for any watermarks or signatures you've put in and crop those out too. Every step of the way, it'll take a hash of the image.

The point here is that a hash is a "fingerprint" of a given image. Once it's finished taking fingerprints of every combination it thinks is likely, it stores them in the database and starts watching out for them. Then, if someone else tries to upload your art - either as an art post or as part of an image post - they won't be able to! Instead, it automatically gets converted into a reblog of your post.

This is an explanation of the simplest system at play, but there's more in the background - I don't want to go into too much detail on those because those are fancy and I don't want the entire blueprint of the anti-theft system out there for people to pick apart and find ways around, but there's some more at play and - if something does manage to slip by it and we find it - will be constantly improved on to make sure any artists on here get the credit they deserve.

temorali -

holy shit, this sounds amazing. thank you, waterfall team; as an artist this is incredibly hopeful and important to hear!!

As an example of my work- these are some of my ocs from a story that I've been developing called Time of Death :)

hello !

Was looking for a new art site earlier (because twitter is ruining artists and tumblr is a cesspool) and stumbled across this-- it looks promising so far! the user base seems kinda small but staff looks capable and trustworthy- i think i'll stick around for a little while, see if i settle in :)

i'll be posting some of my works soon and i'll try to find people to follow! i look forward to seeing what waterfall is like in the upcoming days!